This week is Christian Aid Week

In 2022, Christian Aid are working to bring reliable water sources to those living in poverty, and to provide food security by enabling crop irrigation in times or drought. To support the work they do you can give through our e-envelope. Your donation may also qualify for Gift Aid.


Penge Congregational Church - Welcome

PCC is a small community church on the corner of Penge high street and Kenilworth Road. Our regular services are listed below:

God is with us and we can meet him

Jacob found out that God was right there with him, in a place he didn't expect God to be. Genesis 28 verse 16. Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, Surely the LORD is in this place, and I did not know it.
Praise the Lord. Trust Him.

"Pray [...] that God may give many opportunities to speak about Christ" - Collosians 4:3

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Penge Festival 2022!


The SSLSO will be giving an organ recital in the church on the 14th and 25th of June. More info on the Penge Festival website

Christian Aid Appeal


Thank you for your help raising £342,941 in total for this years Christian Aid appeal!

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Sunday morning service, available at 07:00AM Due to technical delays

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