Penge Congregational Church - Welcome

PCC is a small community church on the corner of Penge high street and Kenilworth Road. Our regular services are listed below:

God is with us and we can meet him

Jacob found out that God was right there with him, in a place he didn't expect God to be. Genesis 28 verse 16. Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, Surely the LORD is in this place, and I did not know it.
Praise the Lord. Trust Him.

"Pray [...] that God may give many opportunities to speak about Christ" - Collosians 4:3

Christmas calendar: PCC opening on 06-12-2020


06-12-2020 10:30: Communion service
13-12-2020 10:30: Crib service
20-12-2020 10:30: Morning service
20-12-2020 18:30: Carol service (no congregational singing)
24-12-2020 08:00: Church open for prayer and praise
24-12-2020 23:45: Midnight Communion service
25-12-2020 10:00: Christmas morning family service

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